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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation for local buses?

Local buses primarily operate within the city. Service varies depending on the route, but most routes operate seven days a week and nearly 24 hours a day. The most accurate, up-to-date schedule information for the routes below can be found by clicking the PDF links.

Where can I find Metro lines and schedules in Los Angeles?

All METRO lines and schedules in Los Angeles can be found in the Moovit App. Moovit gives you directions for METRO routes and provides helpful step-by-step navigation.

How many stops are on the Metro bus line?

It covers over 60 km and has 71 stops. The shortest line is: 854. This Bus line begins from Patsaouras Transit Plaza (Downtown, La) and finishes at 1st / Marquez (Boyle Heights, La). It runs through 3 km with 7 stops. According to Moovit Insights, the most popular lines for METRO are 20, 4, 167, 102, 233.

What does Metro stand for?

METRO (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority), also known as LACMTA, is a public transportation provider in Los Angeles that operates Bus routes since 1993. The METRO has 116 Bus routes in Los Angeles with 12011 Bus stops.

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