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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to Busch Gardens?

Hard and soft coolers, glass containers, food such as sandwiches, meals, etc., and flavored drinks may not be taken into the park. Water bottles may be taken into the park. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in Busch Gardens. Guests with special dietary needs, please contact Guest Relations.

What is the admission price for Busch Gardens?

Tickets for the event are now on sale. Prices vary by date and range from $29.99 per person to $44.99 per person for a single-night tickets. Busch Gardens is also offering an "unlimited admission" ticket for $79.99.

How much are tickets to Busch Gardens?

Also, how much does it cost to go to Busch Gardens for one day? Enjoy one visit to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay with this single-day admission ticket, starting at $84.99/ticket. $84.99 discounted ticket cannot be redeemed until 1 day after purchase. Get your All-Day-Dining Deal for FREE with a regular gate-priced $109.99 ticket.

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