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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Busch Gardens have a "fast pass?

We have just come back from Florida (2 days ago) and went to Busch Gardens. Yes they do offer fast pass at and additional cost, but beware as you can only use the pass on some of the rides and you can only use it ONCE each ride and not multiple times.

How far is Busch Gardens from Tampa FL?

The total distance from Busch Gardens Tram, Tampa, FL to Tampa, FL is 7 miles. This is equivalent to 10 kilometers or 6 nautical miles. Your trip begins in Tampa, Florida.

What are the attractions in Busch Gardens?

Join everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends at Busch Gardens® for a family-friendly African adventure filled with kid-size rides and cool water fun. Dip and dive through the desert on the Air Grover junior coaster.

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