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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to Busch Gardens?

Hard and soft coolers, glass containers, food such as sandwiches, meals, etc., and flavored drinks may not be taken into the park. Water bottles may be taken into the park. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in Busch Gardens. Guests with special dietary needs, please contact Guest Relations.

What roller coasters are in Busch Gardens?

SheiKra (/ˈʃiːkrə/, SHEE-krə) is a steel Dive Coaster roller coaster at the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay amusement park in Tampa, Florida, United States.

What is the theme of Busch Gardens?

One of the theme parks is in Williamsburg, Virginia, and the other is in Tampa, Florida. Busch Gardens parks combine theme park rides, up-close encounters with exotic animals, incredible thrill rides and live entertainment. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Opened on March 31, 1959, and has an African theme.

Are there Clydesdales at Busch Gardens Tampa?

Roller coasters, rides, animals, shows, and the famous Clydesdale horses are a few of the things you will see at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

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