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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of a bush hog front end loader?

Front End Loaders (Bush Hog) 1035 Front End Loader Mainframe and Subframe and Related Parts Mounting Kit 2-7426 Mounting Kit 2-7439 Bucket Assemblies Hydraulic System Hydraulic Valve (Prince LVS Series Valve)

What kind of loader does a bush hog 1846 use?

B2910 and B7800 w/Bush Hog 1846 QT Loader or Kub. LA402 Loader Kub. B2710HSD, B2910 & B7800 Tractors with Bush Hog 1846 QT Loader Mount) Subframe Adapter Kit 50028159 Subframe Adapter Kit 50028160 (For Massey Ferguson 1225 Tractor With Massey Ferguson Model 1242 Loader Mount AGCO ST25 Tractor With AGCO SL42 Loader)

Where can I buy Bush Hog parts online?

German Bliss is a leading supplier of Bush Hog parts online. Whether you need Bush Hog loader parts or replacement Bush Hog blades for mowers and rotary cutters, shop the German Bliss online parts store.

What is the best bush hog kit for a John Deere 3203?

50056370 SUBFRAME KIT Bush Hog CBH60 Backhoe Used on John Deere 3203 Tractor with John Deere 300 Loader Mount 50053587 SUBFRAME KIT For CBH70 & CBH80 Backhoes Massey Ferguson 1547-FWA, 1552-FWA, Agco ST47A-FWA, ST52A-FWA Tractors with BH M300, GB 2153, MFG 1530 or AGCO SL48A Loader Mounts

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