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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DS mean in a Bushnell core DS trail camera?

What Does DS Mean in a Bushnell Core DS Trail Camera? Dual Sensor or DS is Bushnell Core Trail Camera’s technology that allows it to take equally crisp, high-quality, and amazing photos during night and day. Most wildlife game cameras only use one image sensor to take pictures 24 hours every day.

What is Bushnell?

Bushnell is built around one simple principle to make sure our materials, components, and features give you the best images and information possible in every situation, every day. After all, why settle for "good" or "better" when you can have the best?

What is the core™ ds-4k?

The CORE™ DS-4K offers dual sensors for high quality images day and night and checks all the boxes successful hunters want the most: The highest picture resolution with dual sensors for the best image quality at day and night, plus optimized battery life for maximum image captures and more time in the field without checking batteries.

Which Bushnell camera has the best night range?

Bushnell Core DS No Glow Trail Camera is equipped with the latest DS technology for best-quality images day and night. It has an 80-foot night range for high-contrast night photos without wash out. Its rugged and weatherproof design can withstand extreme and changing weather and outdoor elements.

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