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Frequently Asked Questions

Was ist der LRHS-Modell von Bushnell?

ÜBER DAS LANGSTRECKEN-JAGDZIELFERNROHR Ihr Langstrecken-Jagdzielfernrohr LRHS ist das erste Modell der neuen Serie Elite Tactical Hunter von Bushnell.

What is an LRHS scope?

Based on proven designs developed for our acclaimed Elite Tactical scope line, the LRHS is not just a Tactical or Target scope dressed up for the field. It is a purpose built optic specially designed with input from the experts to meet the need of hunters who require optimum performance at extreme ranges.

What makes the Bushnell elite long range hunting scope so special?

The Elite Long Range Hunting Scope has fully multi-coated lenses with 95% light transmission for optimum clarity, and Bushnell’s proprietary RainGuard HD coating which makes water and fog bead up and roll off so targets can be seen even in the worst conditions when other scopes are unusable. 1 English ELEVATION AND WINDAGE TURRETS

What is the Rango of the Bushnell LRHS visor?

Los aumentos del visor óptico LRHS de Bushnell se pueden cambiar rotando el anillo de cambio de potencia situado delante del ocular (el rango está marcado entre 3 y 12 en este modelo).

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