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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bushnell Park known for?

Bushnell Park (1854) is located in the heart of downtown Hartford. It features an historic carousel and numerous monuments such as the Corning Fountain. Bushnell Park is the site of many major events each year, including the Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz and the Hartford Marathon.

Can you rent the Bushnell Park Carousel?

Bushnell Park Carousel. The Bushnell Park Carousel is open in September-November on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-5pm. It can be rented for birthday parties and special events. Call 860-585-5411.

When does ice skating open at Bushnell Park?

Free ice skating, free rentals, and a free Learn-to-Skate program open November 26-January 9. Open daily 11am-8pm, with special holiday hours. Click here for more info. Donate to the Bushnell Park Foundation – We thank you! Tours of the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Arch will begin again in Spring 2022.

Who designed Bushnell Park in Hartford?

Reverend Bushnell asked his good friend and Hartford native Frederick Law Olmsted to design the park, but at the time, Olmsted was designing New York's Central Park and recommended Jacob Weidenmann, a Swiss-born landscape architiect.

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