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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose California New Business Bureau?

California New Business Bureau was founded in 2001 with one simple mission: to make starting a business as simple, fast and as inexpensive as possible.

Does the California Business Bureau come at you for unpaid bills?

They have no problem coming at you for "bills unpaid" but will not return your call when you inquire what the reason behind the charge is. The California Business Bureau, Inc. (CBB) is despicable!

What is a small business in California grateful for?

As a small business in California, we are extremely grateful for our customers who have trusted us to meet their electrical and energy needs, for all the resources and opportunities available to help small businesses grow and our state’s commitment to workforce and business development.

Where is the Secretary of state of California located in California?

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State1500 11th StreetSacramento, California 95814Office:(916) 653-6814 Social Media Facebook Twitter Youtube Snapchat Instagram

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