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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create your own business card?

Design your business card according to the instructions in your program. Generally, you will compose the card by adding text, logo, border, background or other design elements in a template, using prompts or selecting options as necessary. Save and name the computer file in a folder of your choice or on the desktop for easy retrieval.

What is a business card maker?

Business Card Maker. It is the business application which makes your business card in a minute!!! The best business card application used by thousands of people. Business Card Maker creates professional digital business cards for your business. You can create, save and share your business card.

What is business card design?

Business cards are a pretty small format design item. Bold, readable text is the perfect combination when it comes to impact and usability. The largest type element on a business card is likely your name. Use a typeface that is highly readable and works well with the actual letters of your name. A thicker serif or sans serif option is often ideal.

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