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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create custom shaped business cards?

To begin creating your custom business cards, please download the business card template relevant to your desired shape. Something no one else has but they all want! While we can print entirely custom shaped cards for your business, we also have an ever growing selection of existing shapes. View the selection of business card shapes below.

What is the best shape for a business card?

Leaf-shaped business cards will certainly stand out in nearly any context. - These shape goes well with brands that want to show off an eco-friendly or natural vibe. - While it certainly is perfect for leaf designs, they can also be used with water and fire motifs.

How to choose the right business cards for your business?

Unique custom shapes set you a part from your competition and create a high-impact first impression. Know the information and signage you want to use. The amount of information you put on your plastic cards will determine the size and shape you can use. Keep your business cards a reasonable size.

What business cards should be shaped like a speech bubble?

Social Speech Bubble A unique way of telling people what you do, this business card is shaped like a speech bubble to emphasize the social aspect of branding. 21. Take-A-Ticket

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