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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hawaii compliance Express?

Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) is an electronic system that provides vendors, contractors and service providers doing business with state or county agencies to quickly and easily document that they are compliant with applicable laws. HCE expedites your ability to furnish proof of compliance with the requirements of 103D-310 (c), HRS.

How to start a business in Hawaiʻi?

Note: if you are registering a business entity name, never assume the name is available until you have received a response from the Business Registration Division. Hawaiʻi Business Express is the quick and easy way to start a business online. Simply make an account and log in to instantly submit a filing and receive a receipt.

How do I register a new business name in Hawaii?

Sign up for a free account with Hawaii Business Express (HBE) to register a new business, tradename, trademark or service mark online by (1) using a step by step wizard to guide you through the process or (2) filling in the form on the computer using the QuickFile. The link address is:

How do I submit a BB-1 to the Hawaii Department of taxation?

Hawaiʻi Tax Online is the convenient and secure way to submit a BB-1 online with the Hawaiʻi Department of Taxation. File my business annual report? Submit your annual business filing online. Have your file number ready (located above the mailing address on the postcard you received) or find it using our business search.

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