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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Intel making the best out of its tepid sales growth?

Total revenues have grown steadily in past years even through the pandemic. Net income more than doubled in 4 years. Clearly management is making the best out of its tepid sales growth. Intel’s management is flowing revenues freely to the bottom line. After all, this is the end game for every company regardless of the business they’re in.

Why is Intel planning to take its Mobileye business public?

Intel plans to take the Mobileye business public next year and this move will allow the company to raise cash for the manufacturing plans. It is expected that the company will announce the public offering mid-next year for a valuation of $50 billion.

Is Intel Corporation a good investment?

This is a well-planned and well-timed investment that can generate millions in revenue for Intel. There are huge challenges due to the chip shortage and we can see a rise in global demand for chips. Intel will be able to make the most of this opportunity and cash in on the growing demand.

Is Intel stock a buy at $68?

The stock did see a few ups and downs during the year and went as high as $68 in April this year. Intel is a strong company and it is not fair to write it off just yet. The company has a lot planned for the coming year which may take INTC stock higher.

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