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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Russia a non-starter on NATO?

Meanwhile, Russia has made demands for binding security guarantees, including barring Ukraine from ever joining NATO, that the US and the alliance have repeatedly dismissed as non-starters. The Biden administration has warned Moscow it would face economic consequences on a scale not yet seen if Russia invades.

Is Russia trying to rein in crypto?

The recent report comes as Russia attempts to rein in crypto-related activities over the the past few months. The country has already banned crypto as payment and prohibited mutual funds from investing in digital assets.

Does crypto mining pose a threat to Russia's financial stability?

The report also tackled crypto mining, saying that it jeopardizes the green agenda of Russia. The country is the third-biggest crypto mining nation in the world. Mining, according to the report, endangers the country's financial stability in several ways, the bank said.

Why did Russian president Rogozin want to host Elon Musk at home?

In 2020, security services detained 32 Russians who were lured to Belarus under the guise of fake jobs set up by Ukrainian spies, CNN reported. Dmitry Rogozin said he wanted to host Musk at home, adding he had respect for the billionaire being an "inventor who is not afraid to take risks."

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