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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I write a business letter?

Write your address and today's date at the top of the page. Write your name and address at the top of the page, on the left. If you are writing a business letter, use the company name and address instead, or just write on company letterhead.

How do you type a business letter?

Formal or Business Letter Place your name and address at the top of your letter. Include the date directly below your address. Include a blank line between the date and the next portion of the letter. Use a reference line, if applicable. Type out the recipient's address. Begin the body of your letter with a polite salutation.

What format do you use to write a business letter?

The structure of a business letter Opening: Include your mailing address, the full date (for example, July 30, 2017), and the recipient's name, company, and address. ... Salutation: Address the recipient using "Dear," along with their title and last name, such as "Dear Mr. ... Body: In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and the main point of your letter. ... More items...

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