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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my business license online?

Go to your local county clerk’s office and ascertain the licenses you need to operate your online store. Complete the forms to obtain a Doing Business As (DBA) certificate and other licenses required to effectively start and run your online store.

What is a DC business license?

DC Business License. The business license is a business tax registration as opposed to a trade business name registration. For example, you are starting a retail store business on 123 main st in Los Angeles, CA. You need a business license, a dba assumed business name, and a retail wholesale license to buy retail items without paying taxes.

What is a business license in Nevada?

Nevada requires all businesses to obtain a basic business license on the State level as well as most county and/or city levels. A basic business license is required to do any business in the State and the fee is collected annually.

How do you get a business license in Alaska?

Get One or More Business Licenses. Most Alaska businesses are required to have a state business license. The license is issued by the Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing office (CBPL) of the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (DCCED).

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