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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you look up a business license?

In order to look up a business license, search the state's website using keywords such as the business name, city and county. If the business name search does not yield desired results or if the name the company is doing business under differs from the formal business name,...

How to find out if someone has a business license?

Verify a License - Instructions License type: Scroll down to choose the license type, if you know it License Number: Scroll and enter the person's license number if you have it from a business card, an ad, or a contract Business Name: You can search by the business name Person's Name: You can enter last name and first name City, State, Zip: These may help narrow a search. ...

How do you find out if a business has a license?

Related Articles. Call the secretary of state or the county license department if necessary to verify the license of a business. Since business licenses are a matter of public record, the representative who answers the phone should be able to help you verify the validity of a license. You can also search for a license by the name of the owner...

How do I search for a business license?

Enter the business name that corresponds to the business license for which you want to search. Alternatively, you can search by business address, business owner's name and by type of business. Click the "Submit" button. Find the business license number for the business for which you were searching.

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