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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a lawyer loan their client money?

According to the American Bar Association, an attorney cannot lend money to a client as it may create a conflict of interest. However, the attorney can advance court-related fees, with repayment based on the outcome of the case. Many state bar associations have reaffirmed this stance. However, some states have taken the opposite approach.

Can you take out loans for legal fees?

Legal fees are expensive and can easily rack up into the tens of thousands. The good news is that there is relief out there. Some legal services are provided for free for people with low income. You can also take out loans to pay for legal fees.

Do you need a loan modification attorney?

There's no requirement that you must have an attorney to obtain a mortgage modification. Banks and financial institutions that issue mortgage loans have a hardship department. If you experience economic hardship and can no longer afford your current mortgage payment, call your lender's hardship department and request a modification.

Do attorneys recommend a lawsuit financing?

Lawyers need to become educated on legal funding so they can counsel clients on their options. Even if lawyers do not recommend legal funding, clients may still seek it out on their own. Therefore, lawyers should at least familiarize themselves with the basics. Legal funding is commonly recommended during all types of cases.

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