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Frequently Asked Questions

What are business loans for hotels&motels?

What Are Business Loans For Hotels & Motels? Business Loans for Hotels and Motels are business loans geared towards the cash flow cycles and recurrent expenditures of hotels and motels. In addition to short-term needs and larger purchases, business Loans for hotels can bridge gaps in cash flow during slow seasons.

Should you apply for a small business loan to capitalize your business?

Although you can apply for a small business loan to capitalize on your company, you can compete for one of the different grants for small businesses that are offered in the country and get additional resources.

How can a business loan help build your credit?

Your business loan isn’t just a way to get financing for your business. It’s also an excellent opportunity to start building (or improving) your credit. Regardless of the type of business loan you get, make all of your required payments on time and in full.

Do Latino business owners have a harder time qualifying for business loans?

There is an estimate that Latino business owners have 22% less opportunity of qualifying for a loan, compared to business owners who do not belong to this minority. This is still a problem, even though there are more than 4.37 million businesses owned by Hispanics in the country, which contribute to the national economy about $700 billion per year.

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