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Frequently Asked Questions

How many small businesses are vulnerable to cyber attacks?

A study released Wednesday from the San Diego-based CyberCatch, a cybersecurity platform provider focusing on small and mid-sized businesses, reveals that more than 30 percent of U. S. small businesses have weak points that bad actors can exploit.

How many small businesses are affected by clickjacking?

After using its proprietary scanning tool to look for vulnerabilities in more than 20,000 randomly selected U. S. small businesses, CyberCatch found that around a third suffered from spoofing while 28 percent succumbed to clickjacking.

Who is the CEO of CNBC right now?

It then published a memo from CEO John Foley, in which he discussed recent leaks to organizations like Insider and CNBC and potential layoffs, saying "we now need to evaluate our organization structure and size of our team, with the utmost care and compassion."

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