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Frequently Asked Questions

What to put in an employee newsletter?

Your employee newsletter needs to include a "hero's story.". Shine a spotlight on an employee that went the extra mile for a customer or a fellow employee. An employee overcoming a serious illness or rebuilding a home after a fire also qualify as "hero stories.". Some of these stories may be personal, so you'll need permission before printing.

What is a corporate newsletter?

Company newsletters include periodic updates, news, promotions and events communicated in print or electronic form. While newsletters are useful in getting attention from prospects, their primary importance is in maintaining ongoing connections with contacts and existing customers.

What is staff newsletter?

Staff Newsletter. The Staff Newsletter is a quarterly publication which is distributed via email to all staff members of Life University. High-resolution, interactive versions of the Staff Newsletter can be found on Blackboard.

What is HR newsletter?

HR Newsletter. HR Communicator offers daily news and topics with an emphasis on workplace development and talent management. It additionally serves as an aggregation site for HR news. From changing laws, regulations, and compliance issues to rapidly evolving HR technology systems, HR practitioners have a lot to keep up with.

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