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Frequently Asked Questions

When does a newspaper become an established business in California?

19 A newspaper is considered to be “established” if it has been in existence, under a specified name, for at least one year. See Cal. Gov’t Code § 6002. 20 The term “printed” also is a term of art. “Printing,” in this context, means the mechanical work of producing the newspaper.

Why is the newspaper industry in decline?

The availability of free, online content has caused the utter collapse of the industry’s business model – a collapse that has been marked by declining advertising revenues, dwindling circulation, and rising newsprint prices, which, in turn, have led to hiring freezes, layoffs and buyouts.

What makes a good local newspaper?

Local newspapers typically satisfy this requirement because they cover local news and other information in which the general public is interested, such as sports, entertainment, editorial, and business columns, as well as feature articles. 2. Bona Fide List of Paying Subscribers

Does a newspaper have to publish both local and telegraphic news?

6 A newspaper does not have to publish both local and telegraphic news to qualify for adjudication; “but there must be one or the other and intelligence of a general character.”

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