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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to take Buspar while pregnant?

Responses (4) Buspar is a pregnancy category B and hasnt been known to cause any problems in the unborn of mothers on this drug but studies are inadequate and studies done on animals doesnt always cross to the same in humans. Usually the best rule of thumb is that drugs should only be taken by a pregnant woman if the risk to...

What does Buspar make you feel like?

Common side effects of Buspar include: dizziness, nausea, headache, nervousness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, feeling tired, blurred vision, restlessness,

Can you take Buspar while pregnant?

Buspirone has not been tested enough to know whether it's safe to take during pregnancy. Women should let their doctor know if they are or may become pregnant before taking buspirone. Also, the drug may pass through breast milk, but it's not known whether it's safe to take buspirone while breastfeeding.

Is Buspar an antipsychotic?

Buspirone is from the azapirone class of medications, which includes other anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and antipsychotic medications. BuSpar has effects on neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine.

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