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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Buspar and Xanax do the same thing?

Xanax and Buspar may be in the same drug class called Benzodiazepones but Xanax is controlled and Buspar is not. Also, I have found that Buspar is not as strong. It is very helpful in treating symptoms associated with anxiety. No, they are not in the same category. Buspar is categoryB, while xanax is a category D.

Can you take Buspar and Xanax at the same time?

Hi, Buspar can be just as effective if taken with another medication, Xanax won't impair how the Buspar works. There are no interaction risks either. I take the two together with no problems, Buspar has be a life saver for me, and the Xanax helps with in between time.

Is Buspar better than Klonopin?

Yes, your anxiety is very real. The Buspar is a good medication for some people's anxiety and it is not addictive like the Klonopin. It is not as quick acting as the Klonopin. It will take some time for it to build in your system and begin to work.

Does Buspar really work?

Yes, Buspar has worked for me (it takes 2-4 weeks to fully work for people that just start using this medicine). In my opinion, I would not compare it anything to a Benzo. It will not give you the full "Benzo" feeling, and it most certainly can't get you "high". So there's no recreational value for it.

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