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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Buy buttons?

For over 130 years Blumenthal Lansing has been the destination for sewing buttons, novelty buttons, craft buttons, retail buttons and wholesale buttons. Here you’ll find the world's best buttons for every occasion, season and theme.

How do I use buttons as add-ons?

If you want to use buttons as addons, use the has-addons modifier on the field container: You can create a list of buttons by using the buttons container. If the list is very long, it will automatically wrap on multiple lines, while keeping all buttons evenly spaced . You can attach buttons together with the has-addons modifier.

What is a button in Sass?

The button is an essential element of any design. It's meant to look and behave as an interactive element of your page. The button is available in all the different colors defined by the $colors Sass map . Each color now comes in its light version.

How do I make a list of buttons in HTML?

You can use any modifier class on each button to differentiate them. Make sure to add the is-selected modifier as well to make sure the selected button is above its siblings. Basically, if you only want a list of buttons, using buttons is recommended. If you need more control on the styling and the elements, use a form group .

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