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Frequently Asked Questions

What does buying mean?

Buying an “as-is” home doesn’t mean you give up your right to disclosures. State and federal regulations dictate what the seller has to tell you about known issues within the home. Each state has its own disclosure laws on what a seller has to tell the buyer about known problems.

When buying a business?

When buying an existing business, it is important whether the Purchase and Sale Agreement is for the purchase of assets or stock. As a general rule, it is preferable for the buyer to purchase only assets, not stock. If the Buyer purchases all the stock in the company, he acquires all existing liabilities associated with the business, whether ...

What are the tips in buying?

Buying a car for the first time is a big deal, so make the decision carefully, focusing on your needs, the type of car you want to the amount you want to spend. Don’t get pressured into buying something that you don’t need or isn’t suited for you. Previous.

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