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Frequently Asked Questions

Will California be divided into six Californias?

Six Californias was a proposed initiative to split the U.S. state of California into six states . It failed to qualify as a California ballot measure for the 2016 state elections due to receiving insufficient signatures. Venture capitalist Tim Draper launched the measure in December 2013.

What state has the most tourism?

Pennsylvania provides you best villages experience. Philadelphia is the most attractive city in the state which accounts for most of tourism. 920000 foreign tourists arrived in the state which accounts for 3.3% tourism market share of USA.

What are the best cities in California?

The best places to live in California include Palo Alto, Berkeley, Santa Clara, Santa Barbara, San Jose, San Francisco , Victorville and Irvine.

Is California called the Sunshine State?

Florida’s nickname, Sunshine State, was adopted in 1970. California is known as the Golden State because of the 1849 Gold Rush.

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