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Frequently Asked Questions

Should elected officials in California be recalled for any reason?

Currently, an elected official in California may be recalled for any reason, a provision explicitly stated in the Constitution. But 60 percent of Californians support rules that allow recalls only for illegal or unethical activity, according to the recent poll.

Who is the Secretary of State for California 2021?

California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, who officially certified the recall petition on July 1, 2021 The recall campaign submitted 2,117,730 signatures by the March 2021 deadline.

What is California's recall process?

The core components of California’s recall process are laid out in the State Constitution, where our right to a recall was enshrined in 1911. And amending the Constitution is a difficult, two-step process: First, the State Legislature would have to pass the proposed amendment with two-thirds support in each house.

How do you recall a state officer in California?

To begin recall proceedings against a state officer, the recall proponents must serve, file, and publish or post a notice of intention to circulate a recall petition. (Elections Code § 11006) Prepare the Notice of Intention The proponents should ensure that the notice of intention complies with California law.

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