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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Secretary of State for California 2021?

California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, who officially certified the recall petition on July 1, 2021 The recall campaign submitted 2,117,730 signatures by the March 2021 deadline.

Who is leading in the recall race for California governor?

Larry Elder, a conservative talk radio host, leads the challengers in most polls. Since 1960, every California governor has faced a recall attempt. Only one has ever reached an election. In 2003, Governor Gray Davis, a Democrat, lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Circle size is proportional to the amount each county’s leading candidate is ahead.

What does the recall petition mean for California?

The recall petition focused on a variety of grievances, on issues such as sanctuary policies, homelessness, taxes, and water rationing.

What happens if California elects a new governor?

The new governor, if one is elected, would take the oath of office as soon as the vote was certified and would assume the position for the remainder of the term, which runs through January 2, 2023. California has a regularly scheduled election for governor next year.

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