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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do you need to be a call center agent?

Call Center Agent Qualifications and Skills High school diploma or equivalent Proficient in relevant computer applications 1-3 years of experience in a call center environment Knowledge of customer service practices and principles Excellent data entry and typing skills Superior listening, verbal, and written communication skills

How many hours a day does a call center agent work?

Considering the work of an agent is primarily phone-based, most call centers require agents to work eight or nine-hour hour shifts, depending on company policy, state law, and location. Before you know it, you'll be sitting for long periods of time, swiveling around in your chair as you talk to multiple customers throughout the day.

Are your call center agents flexible enough to meet your customer needs?

Not only do call center agents in a busy call center handle dozens of calls per day, but they also interact with customers with challenging personalities. To make sure your agents are flexible enough to meet the needs of your diverse customer base, hire agents that can go with the flow.

Why should you hire great contact centers agents?

Hiring Great Contact Centers Agents is the Key to Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences Hiring an excellent call center agent is just as important as having the right call center software. Candidates can be screened based on a variety of criteria, such as personality, skill, fit and motivation, during the hiring process.

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