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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is datacamp for learning data science?

I would say DataCamp does a great job teaching you a class and showing you what’s out there. Now, you actually need to practice the skills that came from there or they’ll be wasted after a month or so. In any Data Science interview in which they asked me to do a coding assignment I’ve always us

Can I get a job after completing a datacamp course?

However, since DataCamp doesn't offer you a job neither it promises that you will surely get one after completing their course. Make sure that you make the most of your learning from DataCamp, apply it on projects which are also inside DataCamp and build a portfolio or good projects. Q. How to get DataCamp certificate?

What are the career tracks in datacamp?

Therefore, DataCamp has created learning paths known as DataCamp Career Tracks. There are 14 Career Tracks in DataCamp right now when I am sharing this DataCamp review. They have added 6 of these in the last one year itself and it shows how responsive DataCamp is to the needs of the students and to the demands of the industry.

How much does datacamp cost?

DataCamp pricing follows a three-tiered structure. I already told you about the free tier that doesn't give you any course completely. Next up, is the Basic Plan which would cost $25 per month when billed for an year and $29 when billed monthly. But then comes the grand-daddy tier, the Premium Plan.

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