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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cape assessment?

The Consensus Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Voice (CAPE-V) was developed as a tool for clinical auditory-perceptual assessment of voice. Its primary purpose is to describe the severity of auditory-perceptual attributes of a voice problem, in a way that can be communicated among clinicians.

What is Cape organization?

Primary Advocate for American Private Education. The Council for American Private Education (CAPE) is a coalition of national organizations and state affiliates serving private elementary and secondary schools. There are over 33,000 private schools in America; in fact, one in four of the nation’s schools is a private school.

What is Cape program?

CAPE is responsible for the management of the Department’s programming process, including development of planning guidance (in conjunction with other organizations within the Office of the Secretary of Defense), production of applicable programming guidance, and direction of the annual program review.

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