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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best seafood boil?

Directions In an 8-quart stock pot, bring Old Bay, salt, water and beer to a boil. Add potatoes and onions; cook over high heat for 8 minutes. Add smoked sausage; continue to cook on high for 5 minutes. Add corn to pot; continue to boil for 7 minutes. Add shrimp in shells, cook for 4 minutes.

What ingredients are in seafood boil?

Ingredients for a Seafood Boil: 12 quarts water. 1/3 cup canola oil. 4 yellow onions, unpeeled. 6 celery stalks, halved crosswise. 4 lemons, unpeeled and quartered. 4 artichokes (optional) 8 whole garlic cloves.

What is boiled seafood?

A seafood boil is one of two related things: a seafood dish or a party at which such a dish is to be served. When used to describe cooking, a seafood boil is basically just as it sounds: various kinds of seafood, typically crabs, crawfish, shrimp, and oysters, are boiled together in a large stockpot until cooked.

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