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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Captain Cook Hotel in Alaska?

THAN HOME. Located in the heart of downtown Anchorage, Alaska, every one of the Hotel Captain Cook’s 546 rooms and suites offer stunning views of the neighboring Cook Inlet or Chugach Mountains.

What was the first place Captain Cook discovered in Alaska?

May 6 - sights Mt. St. Elias, first reported by Vitus Bering. May 11 - the expedition's first landing in Alaska, at Kayak Island. May 12 - enters Prince William Sound, which Cook named to honour the King's third son.

What is the history of the Hotel Captain Cook?

More than fifty years ago, Walter J. Hickel, former governor of Alaska, invested in Anchorage’s future by erecting the first tower of the Hotel Captain Cook. What was then a symbol of optimism and growth is now one of prosperity.

How do I get to Captain Cook state recreation area?

Captain Cook State Recreation Area is virtually undiscovered by most visitors to the Kenai Peninsula. It offers a peaceful setting of forests, lakes, streams and saltwater beaches. The recreation area can be reached by driving 25 miles north of Kenai on the North Kenai Road to milepost 36.

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