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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I snorkel at the Captain Cook Monument?

These snorkeling Captain Cook Monument instructions are given looking at the white obelisk of the monument from the water. To the right of the monument is north and toward the cliff, and to the left of the monument is south and toward the open ocean. Be aware that if you come on a boat tour, they may limit the area you are allowed to snorkel.

Why choose Captain Cook snorkel cruises Kona?

Captain Cook Snorkel Cruises is the go-to snorkel tour company in Kona, Hawaii. We always beat the crowd to tour and explore top destinations in the bay. Book today!

What is the Captain Cook exclusive?

With the world-renowned and historic destination of Kealakekua Bay just minutes from our point of departure, the Captain Cook Exclusive is a personal, exciting, and efficient way to see the Bay named one of the world’s best snorkeling locations.

Is Kealakekua Bay the best snorkeling in Hawaii?

With its natural wind protection, remote location and designations as an underwater state park, marine sanctuary, and site of the Captain Cook Monument, Kealakekua Bay is earning a reputation as the best snorkeling destination in Hawaii.

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