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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Captain Cook clubbed to death?

When Captain James Cook first cast anchor in a black sand bay in Hawaii, he was worshipped as a god – so the story goes. Cook departed Hawaii but was forced to return eight days later because of a storm – and he was clubbed to death.

What is the famous quote about Captain Cook?

Notable quote: “These stories, told and retold over generations, ignore one obvious fact,” Subin writes. “Cook was killed because he acted rashly and violently, slaughtering chiefs, kidnapping the king and giving the impression the British had returned to conquer the island.”

Who are Captain Cook and seine singenden Saxophone?

Captain Cook und seine singenden Saxophone are a German schlager instrumental group founded in 1993. The band covers German pop songs and German language versions of English hits, such as "Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen", originally by Cliff Richard.

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