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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Captain Cookie stand with his tray of cookies?

Captain Cookie stands with a tray of his amazing, secret recipe cookies in front of his glorious fleet of Cookiemobiles. A spread displaying the Captain's finest milkshakes and cookies together on a table in his bakery.

Is there a captain Cookie truck in DC?

Captain Cookie did start as a food truck, and while we are still running three trucks in DC, we are not currently running our NC truck. If you’re craving cookies and ice cream, we hope you’ll visit our flagship NC location in Transfer Company Food Hall.

Where can I find Captain cookie in deadmines?

This NPC can be found in The Deadmines . Throw Food – "Captain" Cookie will rapidly throw food at the location of a random player, alternating between delicious and rotten food items. Rotten Aura – Rotten food on the ground emanates 11 Nature damage to nearby units within 2 yards.

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