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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Captain Hook a real person?

Captain Hook was a real person. In fact, so was Mr. Smee. True story. Author J.M. Barrie has said that Captain Hook is like the English version of Captain Ahab, but the idea of the character and his longtime “friend” Mr. Smee comes from a lesser-known source.

What is Captain Hook's real name?

James Hook, sometimes referred to as James, was a pirate captain during the Age of Piracy. His real name was unknown, though he was generally known as James to other pirates. James was notorious for his bad temper, though was subdued over time.

Does Captain Hook have an eye patch?

Making a figure eight, does captain hook have a eye patch, keep these simple facts in mind, panda Bear Pirate Wearing an Eye Patch and Holding a Pistol. At the very end of one of the pieces of wire. Hooke discovered the cell in 1665.

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