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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Captain Kidd’s?

Captain Kidd’s is a fish market and restaurant located in beautiful King Harbor in Redondo Beach. With it’s breath taking views and extensive seafood menu its sure to provide you with a great dining experience. Customers are able to order off of our kitchen menu or select their cut of fish directly from the fish case.

What happened to Captain Kidd after the Quedagh Merchant?

Having abandoned the rotting Adventure Galley for the Quedagh Merchant, Kidd set sail on his new ship for the Caribbean and eventually made his way to a smaller ship in Boston, where he was arrested and eventually shipped back to England. On May 8, 1701, Kidd went on a trial.

What did Captain Kidd do with the confiscated loot?

Under Bellomont's direction and financial backing, Kidd was hired to make his way toward the West Indies with a crew and attack French ships and pirate vessels. The confiscated loot would be divided between Kidd, his men and his backers.

Why did Captain Kidd set sail for America?

Around that time, Kidd set sail for America and a new life, and eventually, new riches, in New York, where he met and married a wealthy widow. When tension between England and France morphed into full-fledged war, Kidd was commissioned to privateer the Blessed William to protect English ships in the Caribbean from French attacks.

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