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Frequently Asked Questions

What song is Captain Kidd in?

The 1945 song "Captain Kidd" by singer Ella Mae Morse, with Billy May and his orchestra, refers to him. Kidd is also name-checked in the song " The Land of Make Believe " by Bucks Fizz, which was a number-one hit in 1982 in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.

Where did Captain Kidd live?

Born William Kidd in Dundee, Scotland, in 1645. Kidd, whose father was reportedly a seaman, had taken to the water himself at a young age. By the 1680s, after working with an assortment of buccaneer crews, was a respected privateer.

Is there a Captain Kidd song in Persona 5?

The band Scissorfight had a song called "The Gibbeted Captain Kidd" on their 1998 album Balls Deep. The band Great Big Sea had a song called "Captain Kidd" on their 2005 album The Hard and The Easy. Captain Kidd is featured in Persona 5, as one of the eponymous Personas belonging to Ryuji Sakamoto.

What happened to Captain Kidd and where is his treasure?

He was hanged in London in 1701, as a warning to other pirates. Legends persist about Captain Kidd and the treasure some believe he buried in the Caribbean, and he remains one of history's most famous and fascinating pirates.

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