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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Captain Kidd’s?

Captain Kidd’s is a fish market and restaurant located in beautiful King Harbor in Redondo Beach. With it’s breath taking views and extensive seafood menu its sure to provide you with a great dining experience. Customers are able to order off of our kitchen menu or select their cut of fish directly from the fish case.

What pub was named after William Kidd?

Captain Kidd (pub) The Captain Kidd is a pub in Wapping, East London that is named after the seventeenth century pirate William Kidd, who was executed at the nearby Execution Dock.

What happened to Captain Kidd after he was executed?

Captain Kidd, gibbeted near Tilbury in Essex, following his execution in 1701. Prior to returning to New York City, Kidd knew that he was wanted as a pirate and that several English men-of-war were searching for him.

Who is Captain Kidd in the Devil and Daniel Webster?

The book portrays Kidd as an innocent privateer who was framed by corrupt officials as a scapegoat for their own crimes. Captain Kidd appears as a character in " The Devil and Daniel Webster " (1936), a short story by Stephen Vincent Benét .

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