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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nemo?

The appearance of a man who bears the resemblance of Prince Dakkar written about in "20,000 Leagues Under the Seas". The combination of these two has led to who we call "Nemo".

What is the origin of the story of Captain Nemo?

Origin: Greek legend, "20,000 Leagues Under the Seas" ("Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea") His gender was unknown because he was both a Triton and a prince, but he became a male when he decided to be "Captain Nemo" after an adventure with Chaldea.

Is Captain Nemo a prince or a mermaid?

When he was summoned by sion at the start of Part II, he was still both a mermaid and a prince, but when he joined up with the Chaldeans and decided to help them, he abandoned his "mermaid" status and settled on the status of "Captain Nemo" in order to conquer Atlantis.

Is Nemo a good captain for Triton?

While not really applying to Triton, Nemo possesses a renowned ship and has some experience "Sailing through storms at Zero-sail", so the skill is ranked lower than other Captain Servants. However, it's parameters greatly increase if Nemo is in the Field: Waterfront, with it's rank being "++" specialized as such.

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