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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Captain puffy skin look like?

The classic CaptainPuffy skin includes long hair, which drapes over the left shoulder, a captain's coat with yellow shoulder pads, and sunglasses. This classic CaptainPuffy skin is available in colors blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, and purple.

What is captainpuffy's Minecraft character?

CaptainPuffy's Minecraft character is instrumental to the Minecraft lore of the Dream SMP Team. She was the leader of the loose resistance against the Eggpire and holds a position as one of Eret's Knights. CaptainPuffy, or Puffy as she's known on the famous Dream Team SMP server, plays an instrumental role in the server's lore and plot.

Where does Captain Puffy live?

CaptainPuffy, commonly nicknamed Puffy, is the twenty seventh member of the Dream SMP and was one of Eret 's knights in the Dream SMP. She joined shortly after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, on November 16, and resides in a mushroom house in Dream SMP territory, but also has a house in Snowchester and mainly lives there.

What texture pack does captainpuffy use?

The texture pack CaptainPuffy uses is called Vanilla Tweaks. This texture pack acts as the name sounds, and is similar to vanilla Minecraft, with some slight adjustments to make the terrain more interesting.

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