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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Captain sauce and what is his personal life like?

Not much is known of CaptainSauce's personal life as he wants his name and other personal details to be private. What is known is that he loves to collect and read comic books, particularly Marvel, as well as post pictures and videos of his dog, Zeke.

Who was the Gorn captain in Star Wars?

The Gorn captain was portrayed by Bill Blackburn and Bobby Clark, and voiced by Ted Cassidy. In the animated series, the Gorn appeared less harsh than in the original.

What are some of Captain sauce's running gags?

A few notable running gags in CaptainSauce's videos are him comparing objects to the size of a golden retriever, referencing area codes, having a tendency of breaking a game he is playing, comparing his computer to a PowerPoint slideshow when it loses fps, or getting "Judas'ed" (betrayed).

When did captain sauce start his channel?

History Though CaptainSauce’s channel was created in 2014, his first video was posted in 2015. He spent those beginning months learning how-to video and audio edit. While he's always focused on a mix of one-shot indie games and longer sequential series, his choice of games has changed over the years.

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