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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Batman say to captainsauce?

"Batman says we don't need to be afraid of people like you!" - CaptainSauce in various videos "Fire ze cat cannon!" - CaptainSauce in various videos on the game Battle Cats

What is captainsauce’s Avatar?

He is also recognized for having a superhero avatar — the mascot of his channel, which is a humanoid with a tomato head wearing a green and yellow superhero outfit, sporting a red "S" at the center. Though CaptainSauce’s channel was created in 2014, his first video was posted in 2015.

Who is captainsauce?

Nuke Cheaters to be a YouTube Gamer! CaptainSauce (or simply Cap) is a Canadian YouTuber who is known for his comedic commentary provided over a wide variety of indie games.

Who is Captain sauce and what is his personal life like?

Not much is known of CaptainSauce's personal life as he wants his name and other personal details to be private. What is known is that he loves to collect and read comic books, particularly Marvel, as well as post pictures and videos of his dog, Zeke.

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