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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the captain sauce wiki?

This wiki is dedicated to the Channel of Captainsauce/ Captain Sauce, his videos and characters. If you use this wiki, you may want to Subscribe and follow the saucy boi. Need help building out this community? You can also be part of the larger Fandom family of communities.

Who is captainsauce?

Nuke Cheaters to be a YouTube Gamer! CaptainSauce (or simply Cap) is a Canadian YouTuber who is known for his comedic commentary provided over a wide variety of indie games.

What happened to captainsauce's Turkey on tabs?

Sponsorship turkey is a character appearing in "TABS arena challenge" for a C.A.T.S. sponsorship. Captainsauce in a turkey costume with sunglasses. Zeke, Captainsauce's dog, used his remains (suit) as a chewing toy/bed, as tweeted by cap. He also appeared in another video of TABS before he was murdered.

What did Batman say to captainsauce?

"Batman says we don't need to be afraid of people like you!" - CaptainSauce in various videos "Fire ze cat cannon!" - CaptainSauce in various videos on the game Battle Cats

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