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Frequently Asked Questions

Why 'Captain Underpants' is the most banned book in America?

Why 'Captain Underpants' Is The Most Banned Book In America. Parents say in complaints filed to the Office for Intellectual Freedom that the illustrated books contain “offensive language” that is unsuited to the series’ target age group of elementary-school children. The first book in the series even comes with a “Sturgeon General’s Warning”...

What type of book is Captain Underpants?

The Adventures of Captain Underpants is a children's book by Dav Pilkey, the first novel in the Captain Underpants series.

Is Captain Underpants a graphic novel?

Captain Underpants, a graphic novel intended for children, holds the #1 spot for the most challenged book for two years in a row– beating E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey, which ranked #4.

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