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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of care?

The definition of care is close attention or a concern for another. An example of care is how someone feels about the well being of their pet.

What is care law?

In the law, the standard of care is the course of action which a reasonable person would follow in a given situation. This standard is used when evaluating civil cases to determine whether or not someone with a duty of care acted responsibly.

What is take care?

take care. 1. Be careful, use caution, as in Take care or you will slip on the ice. [Late 1500s] 2. Good-bye, as in I have to go now; take care. This apparent abbreviation of take care of yourself is used both orally and in writing, where it sometimes replaces the conventional Sincerely or Love in signing off correspondence.

What is care assistance?

Patient care assistants provide basic patient care. They are one of the medical people patients probably see most consistently. They are also responsible for helping patients with a number of basic hygiene tasks. This includes bathing and dressing patients, helping them use the toilet if needed and feeding them.

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