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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Carousel Capital invested in private equity?

For 25 years Carousel Capital has managed more than $2B in private equity commitments across six funds and co-investment vehicles used to invest in businesses that have an aggregate enterprise value exceeding Carousel Capital has not made a CEO change in any platform investment made since 2004 other than planned retirements

Where is the carousel in Endwell?

Originally located in En-Joie Park, Highland Park in Endwell has hosted a mid-1920s-built carousel since 1967. The carousel includes your standard horses, but a pig and a dog as well, in case you want to mix it up.

Does Binghamton have a carousel?

It also set an incredible precedent for employee benefits, these morale-boosting carousels among them. Also home to the city of Binghamton’s historic zoo, Ross Park has included a carousel since at least 1897. Johnson donated the fixture you’ll find there today in 1920.

What is the largest carousel in Johnson City TN?

Prepare to be awed and entertained by the largest and most ornate of the antique carousel collection in C. Fred Johnson Park of Johnson City (yes, the town was named for this legendary family). Installed in 1923, this carousel features 72 figures shaped by elaborate carvings, original scenic panels and beveled mirrors.

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