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Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a full size carousel horse?

The full size carousel horses are the original traditional horses from the traditional carousel rides. The full size carousel horses are 1625mm long by 914mm high. The sizes are of the horse only and not when manufactured on a stand.

What is a reproduction Carousel Animal?

These Reproduction Carousel animals are created by making molds of the Original Antique Carousel horse or Carved Contemporary copies. Each horse is specified in the details when you click on each horse. They have all the original details, flowers, rhinestones, some with glass eyes & horse hair tails.

Are there any carousel horses for sale on 1stdib?

There is a range of carousel horses for sale on 1stDibs. Frequently made of wood, metal and iron, all carousel horses available were constructed with great care. There are all kinds of carousel horses available, from those produced as long ago as the 18th Century to those made as recently as the 21st Century.

What is a carousel?

A carousel, or merry-go-round, is a popular ride found in amusements parks all across the world. Carousels have a large, circular-shaped platform that turns in a circle and holds seats for riders. While a few of the seats are benches, most of them are horses with an occasional tiger, zebra, pig, or other animal also included.

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